My name is Martina Bramberger and I’m a research scientist at NWRA. My research interests include atmospheric dynamics, gravity waves and clear air turbulence in aviation. I’m especially interested in improving climate predictions by bringing together observations and modeling. I enjoy analyzing gravity waves with a diverse set of measurements including ground-based and airborne lidar, radar, balloon-borne, aircraft in situ, airglow and, space-born COSMIC 2 and AIRS observations. Additionally I’m currently working on improving the representation of convective gravity waves in the climate model WACCM.


My first publication was on the propagation of mountain waves from the surface up to the mesosphere/lower thermosphere. During my PhD I analyzed how propagating waves impact avionic systems of high-flying aircraft and investigated clear-air turbulence forecasting methods for waves from convection in a numerical weather forecasting system. My current focus is on tropical waves and their impact on large-scale circulation and their parameterization in global climate models.


I’ve attended several field campaigns during my career, focusing on mountain waves, predictability of mesoscale circulations and tropical waves. The platforms used range from aircraft to super pressure balloons.

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